Fathers F.I.G.H.T. is growing. As things turn on there are a variety of services we would like to offer. The initial phase has begun and we have a lot planned. The intent is to provide information to those who need it, gather data for research and solid statistics which will help communities provide more help in not so traditional ways. Each of these items will be analyzed and developed based off of individual donations and grants.

One traditional method of providing services would be a centralized funding method which is managed based off of the company priorities, but we want to offer the ability to donate to specific programs based off of interest. Of course the overall company will require funding as well to operate. However, investors will have the opportunity to choose what programs they donate to. Funding pots will be published regularly and advances will be posted. 

For now a general donation go fund me link is below and future projects will be added to the list with individual links.

The general start up donation link is below. 

Future projects will include:

Information collection through surveys.

  What is needed, what is wanted, what has value, lessons learned, history, blogs, and changes needed to current real life problems. 

Auto hobby shop shared space.

  A place to work on cars with your children, teach classes, host events for public speakers, seminars and more.

Distributable resources, products, information, and guides.

  How to lists, who does what, defining problems and terms. Mental Health supporting agencies, legal Supporting agencies, const analysis of processes from cradle to grave, co-parenting agreements, financial agreements, child arrangements templates... 

Special project custom car build. 

  Donate to the current custom build. This can be done through services, skills, time, funding, parts, and would be included in sponsorship agreements when requested. These projects will eventually make it around to car shows and other events to add visibility to those invested as well as the cause. 

Marketing and membership. 

More to come.